Shark Tank Audition, Take 2

I just got back from Charlotte, NC for my second Shark Tank audition.  I recounted my experience from my first one last year in Raleigh, NC here.  I learned a bit and felt much better about my pitch and how it went over.  More details below… You can find when they are doing auditions (they […]

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Meet the Card Caddy Daddy!

My name is Chris Nichols and I’m the inventor of the Card Caddy. When my step-son was around 5 years old, he was obsessed with Uno. I grew up playing card games of all sorts with my grandmother and wanted to foster that same love of cards with him. We carried around a couple of decks […]

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From idea to product

Tomorrow, I’ll have a booth set up at a local event, the Mountain Maker Fest, where I’ll show some of the steps in how I turned an idea into a product that (hopefully) you can buy in stores everywhere. So, for those of you who won’t happen to be in Accident, MD (yes, that’s really […]

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GenCon wrapup

GenCon 2016 has come and gone.  We had an exhibitor booth there and had a really great show.  Here are some  random notes, mainly from the perspective of an exhibitor, but may be helpful for general attendees, too. GenCon is the busiest show we’ve done so far. Looking back on our sales records, the longest […]

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