GenCon 17 – exhibitor wrap up

The Card Caddy got back from exhibiting at Gen Con 50 last week and it was a great con for us.  Read on to find out more.  TLDR: Great, well run and attended con.  Lots of sales direct to customers.  Too many announcements over the loudspeakers! In case you’re not a close follower of the tabletop […]

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Shark Tank Audition, Take 2

I just got back from Charlotte, NC for my second Shark Tank audition.  I recounted my experience from my first one last year in Raleigh, NC here.  I learned a bit and felt much better about my pitch and how it went over.  More details below… You can find when they are doing auditions (they […]

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Meet the Card Caddy Daddy!

My name is Chris Nichols and I’m the inventor of the Card Caddy. When my step-son was around 5 years old, he was obsessed with Uno. I grew up playing card games of all sorts with my grandmother and wanted to foster that same love of cards with him. We carried around a couple of decks […]

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