Spreading the word

ChiTAG was a great opportunity to get the Card Caddy out to industry and the public, but now that it’s over, now what?  Well, it’s time to spend a lot of time writing emails, reviewing blogs and tweeting. How do you find out about new products that you end up buying or liking?  For me, […]

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Pros and Cons of Cons

On my very first sale at my very first Convention, the customer paid with a 50 (he did want change).  But I thought it was a great harbinger for the sales for the rest of the con – I was wrong.  I only ended up making $60 gross for the whole event. After food, gas […]

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Chicago Toy and Game Fair

This is a wrap-up of our experience at the Chicago Toy Week (Nov 19-22).  On Thurs & Fri (19-20), we attended the Toy and Game Innovator Conference – you can find the blogs on those days here and here Those days were geared towards beginning toy and game inventors and included a “speed-dating” session with […]

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