Gearing up for ChiTAG

We leave for the Chicago Toy and Game Fair in just two days.  Starting to get a bit nervous, but mainly excited.  This is the big leagues, and I’ve only had one other experience so far as an exhibitor (and it was terrible).  So, at the very least, I’m hoping to get lots of feedback on the Card Caddy if it turns out that it’s not a product people are interested in on a large scale.  Of course the best outcome is to come away with some larger companies who are interested in licensing the product.

Also, even if the business side doesn’t go well, I’ll have some good bonding time with my 13 year old stepson who will be coming with me on the trip.  He’s going to be staffing the table with me and generally helping out along the way.  Aside from the obvious draw of missing school, he’s pretty excited to for the whole event.  I was pretty aggravated that his school wouldn’t grant him absence exemptions for the two days he’s missing – his baseball team will be missing 3 days of school in the spring, and those days are exempt, but actually learning about networking, customer relations and marketing isn’t?  Anyway, he’s a good student so we’re not losing any sleep over it.

So, if anyone has any advice, comments or questions about exhibiting at a big Toy and Game fair, let me know.  And if you’re in the Windy City, stop by booth 1015 in the Navy Pier this weekend!


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