Spreading the word

ChiTAG was a great opportunity to get the Card Caddy out to industry and the public, but now that it’s over, now what?  Well, it’s time to spend a lot of time writing emails, reviewing blogs and tweeting.

How do you find out about new products that you end up buying or liking?  For me, it’s still word of mouth, but in the online age, it could be from a blog, FB post or tweet.  But, it usually has to be from someone I have some sort of pre-existing relationship: friends in the “real” world, mutual online friends or I’ve read and enjoyed a lot of the blogger’s posts.

So, you just send the bloggers and reviewers your stuff and they write great things about your product and people buy lots of it, right?  That would be cool and I guess if your product or idea “goes viral” that will get the word out.  Otherwise, it’s back to building relationships and slowly but steadily growing the network to spread your message.

here are a few resources I just started using:

  • Get some bloggers to review your product.  In the tabletop gaming world, James Mathe has put together a list of bloggers in this area on his excellent website
  • Join associations.  Costs some money, but I just found out about the Indie Game Alliance.  Looks like it’s going to be a good opportunity to get my product out to people who could be enthusiastic supporters.
  • Local shows and stores.  I’ll be going to this one locally – doesn’t look huge, but it will give me some good quality time with potential customers.

I think one of the biggest but most rewarding challenges is to get other people to be your biggest supporters, and the way you do that is by building relationships between them and your brand.


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