Thinking inside the box

It’s tough to write anything about a box, but I’ll do my best.  As an aside, when I was in Officer Candidate School for the Navy, one of my Drill Instructors’ favorite sayings was “You’re dumber than the box the rocks came in.” Anyway, this post is about the snap-on storage box accessory for the […]

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Card Caddy Counter-a snap-on score pad

Last blog post was about the dice tower accessory I’m developing – this one will be about the Card Caddy Counter.  Like I said in my previous post, I like alliteration.  In fact, someone made the point that since my name is Chris, the product name even follows my alliteration rule.  It may get to […]

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Card Carrying with the Card Caddy

Originally posted on Board Gaming For the Win:
Most of my reviews are done on games already out or soon to be available by publishers or ones that are Kickstarter projects. But every now & then I’ll receive a product in the mail to review. This particular review is all about a cool little product…

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The Card Caddy Citadel-a dice tower snapon accessory

When I put the rectangular channel on the face of the Card Caddy it was mainly for looks, but I quickly I realized I could then design stuff that could snap onto the face of any sized Card Caddy, making it the heart of a fully modular and customizable gaming storage system. I’ll show off […]

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Free Card Caddy giveaway!

Get a free Card Caddy just in time for Christmas – makes a great stocking stuffer or just a little present for yourself! Click here to enter: Card Caddy giveaway Advertisements

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A Facebook ad analysis: are their stats real?

I have not consulted with my legal department (i.e. reading through 3 or 4 online forum threads with topics vaguely related to mine) before making this statement, but I feel like Facebook is lying to me about my ad’s performance with them. Here’s the background – I’ve been running a weeklong ad with a cap […]

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FREE shipping (tomorrow)

So you’ve got a great product, an easy to navigate website that leads customers right to buying it, and a reasonable price – everyone should be blowing up your site ordering it. The next thing you’ve got to account for  is that nasty gremlin of shipping. Until you’re on the shipping end of things, you […]

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