The Card Caddy Citadel-a dice tower snapon accessory

When I put the rectangular channel on the face of the Card Caddy it was mainly for looks, but I quickly I realized I could then design stuff that could snap onto the face of any sized Card Caddy, making it the heart of a fully modular and customizable gaming storage system.

CC snap-on

I’ll show off the score counter, storage boxes, connectors and coins in another post, but I had a specific question about the dice tower, so I’ll talk a bit about it in this post.

I’m calling it the Card Caddy Citadel – my stepson doesn’t go for the alliteration in my product names (Counter, Cache, Crypt, etc), but I do, and unless I feel like it’s going to lower sales, I think it’s pretty cool.

The Citadel (in red) above will be around 4 inches high and have 2 “ramps” that change the direction of the dice throw.  Most dice towers have three and the ramps are laid out in an opposite orientation, but due to vagaries of injection molding, I have only been able to think of a way to design it the way it is now.  The green 1 inch storage box (the Card Caddy Cache – I’m sure my stepson is cringing right now and not even knowing why) will snap on to the bottom in two configurations – as pictured above, it will be off center and serve as the landing tray for the dice, and in transport mode, it will snap on the bottom of the dice tower, forming a sealed storage box (the dice will shake around a lot in that big empty dice tower though).

I have yet to pull of a satisfactory 3D print of one yet, but it looks like it’s going to work from the CAD anyway.  I’m looking at possibly just having lots of cross-beams instead of ramps for the dice to hit on their way down and some other design improvements.  Let me know what you think – love to hear your input on this product while I can still make significant changes.


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