Card Caddy Counter-a snap-on score pad

Last blog post was about the dice tower accessory I’m developing – this one will be about the Card Caddy Counter.  Like I said in my previous post, I like alliteration.  In fact, someone made the point that since my name is Chris, the product name even follows my alliteration rule.  It may get to be strained as I introduce new products, but so far it’s worked out.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited about this accessory – what I’m thinking is that people won’t need to carry around paper and pens to keep track of their score – they can just snap-on a Counter and keep track with the peg.


The holes move in a track, starting from zero in the lower left, then moving up the line to 10, where it turns back down to 20 and so on until you get to 99.  Then, you place a peg in 100 hole in the separate track on the right and begin counting up again.  Using this system, you can track scores up 999.

Card Caddy Updates-5.jpg

I’ve built in storage for the pegs into the back of the Counter, so you’ll always have them handy.  I will probably build-in slots for 2 more pegs so that 2 players can track their scores at once (if they go over 100).  And then of course, the Counter snaps onto any sized Card Caddy through the ridge& channel mechanism.

I’m pretty excited about this one, but so far the reception has been tepid.  I posted a link to my Kickstarter preview on the Magic:The Gathering Reddit site and people considered the Counter a “throw away”.  I know, you need to grow a thick skin before you post anything on Reddit, but I thought there would be some more interest from MTG players in using the Counter to keep track of life points.  Many people use dice, which just seems like an accident waiting to happen if someone bumps the table.  Anyway, I think there’s going to be a lot of appeal to the conventional card playing crowd.  What do you think?




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