Thinking inside the box

It’s tough to write anything about a box, but I’ll do my best.  As an aside, when I was in Officer Candidate School for the Navy, one of my Drill Instructors’ favorite sayings was “You’re dumber than the box the rocks came in.”

Anyway, this post is about the snap-on storage box accessory for the Card Caddy that will be a stretch goal for our Kickstarter coming up.

There will be two sizes, a 1-inch deep box (pictured above in yellow and below).  As you can see, it fits a large handful of standard sized dice (I know there really isn’t a “standard” dice size, but there seems to be an accepted range)

Card Caddy Updates-9.jpg

Then, when you’re ready to go, it just snaps onto the face of any sized Card Caddy. The 1 inch box will also form the tray of the dice tower accessory if we get that funded. Not too much else to say except that it keeps your game accessories close at hand.

I’ll also be adding a bigger sized storage box around 2 inches deep for storing poker chips and will hold 20 chips.  Probably only enough for a small game of poker (though you could add another storage box to the other side for a total of 40 poker chips), but I am thinking that people might use chips as specialty gaming tokens.  There’s a cool Kickstarter by Gameknight right now that has a set of general purpose gaming tokens in poker chip size.


So. that’s about all I can write to make boxes even somewhat exciting.  What kind of stuff would you store in yours?


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