Reviewing Reviews

Unless you already own a copy of a product you’re buying online, chances are that you look through the reviews pretty carefully.  I’d say it’s one of the most empowering features of internet shopping – you now have the opinions of people of all ages and walks of life to help you decide whether you’ll like the product or not.

But from a product creator’s side, it can be one of the most terrifying aspects of marketing and selling the item.  Every time I open up a new review, I get that empty feeling in the pit of my stomach – you know the one I’m talking about.  So far, none of them have been negative, but I know it’s coming.  Not everyone will like the Card Caddy – I know that, but the first time seeing someone telling someone else not to buy it will be tough to watch.

So, here’s my advice for when it’s time to read/watch/listen to a review of your product:

  • Set aside some dedicated time to do it.  The typical review is only a few minutes long, so give yourself the time to really take it in.
  • Take written notes, with a real pen and paper – it forces you to really focus on what’s being said on the good stuff, but especially the bad stuff, and…
  • Listen to/read/watch the negative comments at least three times.  Really make sure you understand what the issue is. Don’t ever brush aside a negative comment as “They don’t understand the product” or “they don’t know why I coudn’t make it the way they wanted” when you first hear it.
  • Take as many negative comments as you can as areas for a future product development.  For example, one reviewer was disappointed that the Card Caddies did not nicely stack on one another.  My first reaction was “well, he doesn’t understand that I had to design them so that each piece was identical and you can’t have identical pieces line up with each other”.  But thinking about it some more, I may be able to make it happen – it’s worth at least taking a look if it makes the product more favorable and doesn’t take away from its basic features.

Here are the reviews I’ve gotten so far.  I’m grateful to everyone who took some time to check out the Card Caddy and put together some media on it.  Hopefully, both the reviewer and I got something positive out of it.



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