Feel lucky, punk?

Before I had my own product to sell, I would always inwardly roll my eyes at how marketing campaigns are always themed around the current holiday or season regardless of whether there was any connection.  “What does President’s Day have to do with furniture?” I’d think when looking at the newspaper in February. Well, not that I have a global marketing machine to operate, I get it a bit more.  It’s an excuse to tie your product to what’s going on, make it relevant and create a connection that rationalizes a buy.  Plus, it’s more fun when you can use your product to build holiday-themed displays!  (this month’s was going to be a shamrock, but those rounded edges never cam out quite right)

So, for March, I’ll be running a sale – get a white and green Card Caddy for $9.99 with free shipping to the US. White and green – good St. Paddy’s day colors, right?  It also doesn’t hurt that they are the two lowest selling colors, so I have a bit of them than the rest.

White and green

This promotion theme worked out pretty well, then, as far as colors go.  And since St. Patrick’s Day is all about the Irish and luck, I can make all kinds of corny references to dealing a luck hand and other card references.  Maybe my Dirty Harry reference in the title went too far, though…

So, stay tuned for promos related to April Fool’s Day, May Day and the like.  How do they related to cards?  I don’t know, but I’m sure I can make a cool sculpture around them with the colors I need to get rid of!


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