My Hall of Shame

In another post, I talk about my dying business and link to this post on people and organizations with whom I dealt with and either blatantly ripped me off or provided very poor service.  Since I don’t have much to lose anymore, I’m going to call them out so that maybe someone doesn’t make the […]

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Pre-mortem of a dying product

It’s June 15th, 2018 and three years ago I incorporated Narrows Hill LLC as an entity to produce, develop and license my invention, the Card Caddy, and follow-on products. According to my business plan, by now I was supposed to be making enough money to pay myself a partial salary, but instead I’m planning on […]

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Shark Tank, Take 3

Just got back from my third time trying out for Shark Tank in Pittsburgh for the Card Caddy.  You can read about my pitches in Charlotte and Raleigh in previous posts. I feel like it was my best one yet, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this time I’ll get the call. ABC announces […]

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