Building your email list, Part 3

I’ve been gearing up for a Kickstarter for our new Dice Tower product soon and have been bulking up our email list in preparation. In Part 1, I went over an unsuccessful way to build your list through a giveaway, and in Part 2, did an overview of a more successful process using Facebook leads. […]

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Introducing the Dice Tower, by Card Caddy

When we show the Card Caddy (the only playing card case that turns into a discard tray) at trade shows and cons, we almost always get asked if we have a dice tower, too.  In fact, we’ve had a dice tower in the works for awhile and I think we’re finally ready to unveil our […]

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Building your email list, Part 2

In Part 1, I discussed am unsuccessful effort to build my email list for my planned Dice Tower Kickstarter campaign. In spite of a snarky comment when I posted the bad results on a Facebook group, I decided to share the results of some continuing efforts. Here, I follow up with a successful campaign. TLDR: […]

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Building your email list with a contest – a case study

We’re looking to launch a Kickstarter for a new product in early 2018, so I wanted to start bulking up our mailing list.  In this blog post, I’ll go over a giveaway campaign that we ran to collect emails and how we did. TLDR version: Very poor collection rate of 9 emails and cost around $3-4 […]

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Playing Card Shufflers, Part 1

When I’m exhibiting the Card Caddy at trade shows and cons, one of the most common questions we get is “Do you have a card shuffler”?  There seems to be a lot of interest in a good automatic shuffler, so in this post, I’m going to  propose some aspects of an ideal  shuffler and take […]

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Trade show survival gear, Part 2

In a previous post, I wrote about some of stuff I keep in my trade show “go bag”. Here are some more tips and tricks I’ve picked up from my time exhibiting at various shows, cons and fairs. Getting in and out Depending on the size and location of your venue, loading your booth in […]

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Playing Cards and the Military

Looks like Hawkeye and Trapper could have used a Card Caddy back in the Korean War! Veteran’s day is coming up and as vet myself, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the relationship between playing cards and the military. The enemy – boredom There are lots of great sources on the […]

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