Playing Cards and the Military

Looks like Hawkeye and Trapper could have used a Card Caddy back in the Korean War! Veteran’s day is coming up and as vet myself, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the relationship between playing cards and the military. The enemy – boredom There are lots of great sources on the […]

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Trade show survival gear, Part 1

During my Card Caddy career, I’ve exhibited at over 20 trade shows, conventions, fairs, etc. So while I’m no expert, I’ve learned some stuff the easy way and some stuff the hard way that may make your next con/show/fair easier or better. Just like the Stormtrooper above, I have a “utility belt” of stuff that […]

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GenCon 17 – exhibitor wrap up

The Card Caddy got back from exhibiting at Gen Con 50 last week and it was a great con for us.  Read on to find out more.  TLDR: Great, well run and attended con.  Lots of sales direct to customers.  Too many announcements over the loudspeakers! In case you’re not a close follower of the tabletop […]

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